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We've all been there - there's an upcoming product launch, a shiny new thing, and the team DESPERATELY needs to hit this one out of the park.

I partner with your resources to make your strategies work, with over 7 years of marketing expertise across multiple industries.
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Get on-demand swagger when you hire me to write your copy, and consulting that's proven to squeeze more ROI out of marketing hours.


From websites and landing pages to ebooks and video scripts, you'll get content and copy that optimized to move the numbers you're targeting.

Projects starting at $1,000
*Documentation of buyer journey, competitor research, and customer persona is required to begin this work
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Not sure where to startI'll help you bring process and cohesive strategy to all of your campaigns, so that you can get the ball rolling and the results you need to see.

Starting at $3,500/month
*3 month minimum commitment
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Why this matters so effing much to me

I'm a firm believer that ethical businesses are the driving force we need to make the world a better place.

It's my mission, my purpose, to help brands who are giving business a better name create more demand for their products.

With your help, and with my expertise, it's my hope that we can give customers a better option than the companies who lobbied their way to the top.

Will you help me?
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